Our power comes from innovation. We’ve built and patented novel algorithms and methodologies for computer processing with efficiency gains that are years, if not decades ahead of current state methods. Since 2013, we leveraged core technical breakthroughs to develop portfolio opportunities with the ability to cause fundamental, tectonic shifts in several large markets.

Our platform combines multiple areas of expertise:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Media
  • Blockchain
  • IoT
  • Big Data Analytics


We invest in people. In the short term, our strategy is built on creating elite teams with product, marketing and operational expertise that can transform a groundbreaking technology into a productive, scalable enterprise. Keeping our R&D in-house allows us to devote all of our initial financing towards the growth and scalability of our portfolio companies. Our primary mission as an incubator platform is to catalyze and scale each opportunity to achieve its revenue potential in its respective market.



Our differentiation in fund strategy is that we take risk off the table. From an investment standpoint, the model is uniquely advantageous to the investor as all of the research and development risk has been previously assumed by CodeX, and no longer requires external funding. The investment thesis can be summarized in three distinct stages with the following explicit goals and outcomes:

For our existing portfolio, we will initially receive outside financing from a single primary source (a general partner) until one of our portfolio companies are positioned to gain venture capital funding, upon which the initial financier will have right of first refusal. The investment timeframe for the general partner will be determined by the eventual occurrence of a liquidity event; either an IPO, a buyout of shareholders, or the sale of the company will be required for the financier to liquidate shares of the fund’s portfolio companies. A portion of the profits, generated either by the revenue performance or the sale of a portfolio company, are reinvested into the fund to develop new applications based on CodeX, Inc.’s proprietary technology.