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Upcoming Products

Lossless Image Compression and Search Image storage cost huge amount of resource in-terms of storage capacity and transporation bandwidth. With our state-of-the-art Lossless Image Compression "Compressed", the entire industry will shift towards low bandwidth for storage and transportation. This will enable a new era of data (image/video) transporation over the network and will also ensure IP protection for the originators.

AI-based X-ray to MRI Conversion MRI scan is one the important way of desease diagnosis, however being costly always been out of reach for common people. Codex's AI-based X-ray to MRI conversion "Conver2" will enable a new horizon of using X-ray images, which are way less cheaper than MRI, for MRI scans by utilising 2D to 3D conversion of scans. This will help in uplifting the medical diagnosis over the global level with minimum cost on the patient and insurance side.

Self Learning AI Training and Stabilizing an AI system is one of the major hurdle in getting a generic AI in place for human life. It requires expertise, share of IP and a lot & lot of time. Codex's AGI (Artificial Generalized Intelligence) is enabling machines to train themselves and understand the common ontology of human society and industry. The AGI shortens the learning curve and secures the IP, data, by removing human interaction during training and validation.

Blockchain-based Fintech Security Blockchian is the trending technology of 2020 and Fintech is one of the hotest use-case in the domain. However, no Fintech over blockchain is secured due inherent nature of blockchain leaky wallet and wallet encryption key storage technology. We, at Codex, are enabling blockchain technology to use encrypted processing of wallet ids and transactions to ensure that the user data is never decrypted for processing and utilization. Codex's blockchain-based Fintech Security "eSecurity" will change the over all user experience of crypto wallet holders round the globe.


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